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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

DAYS OF SUMMER 2015 {DAY 34 - 44}

DAY 34/44: First day of shoot where nearly everything went out of plan and failed (so exhausting and chaotic but so much fun!).

DAY 35/44: Second and last day of shoot (had to delete scenes because of the time schedule) and started to cut till 3am where we were desperate af (survived with coffee and much sugar).

DAY 36/44: Last day, finished our cut (more or less) and spent the day/evening/night with everyone watching our short films, taking photos, watching the sunset, singing at night and talking.

DAY 37/44: Farewell. Said goodbye to everyone and promised to meet again someday, drove back home and was quite sad but completely done and happy.

DAY 38/44: Resting day. Slept till 2pm, caught up with YouTube and then went to bed again.

DAY 39/44: Spent the day in Berlin with my cuties, Nordine and Beritan.

DAY 40/44: Had a cosplay shoot with Isabel, Theresa and Laura of the Tokyo Ghoul anime (more pictures coming).

DAY 41/44: Spent the day in rainy Hamburg with Thi. Our train back was delayed for an entire hour and thus we had to change trains.

DAY 42/44: Bought stuff for school, decorated it and played video games with Paul and his friend.

DAY 43/44: Went shopping with my dad and spent the rest of the day reflecting about everything and chatting with someone.

DAY 44/44: Last day of summer, end of this series. ☺

So these were my last school holidays. I'm so happy that I've documented them - I've never been so complete like in the last few weeks. I truly believe that I have found myself somewhere - even if I can not say more about me than before. It's a different feeling now to talk about pure nothing. And it feels damn right. Even though I'm so clueless as ever.


  1. tolle bilder =)

  2. Die Idee hätte mir mal kommen sollen, meine letzten Schulsommerferien zu dokumentieren... Ein schönes Projekt und die Fotos sind toll :)
    Liebe Grüße,

  3. Wirklich toll, dass du alles so dokumentiert hast! Ich bin von jedem einzelnen Foto begeistert! Du musst echt einen tollen Sommer gehabt haben... Da habe ich das Gefühl, im Vergleich überhaupt nichts gemacht zu haben. Aber vielleicht hätte ich auch so ein Projekt machen sollen, um mir selbst zu beweisen, dass ich sehr wohl viel gemacht habe.
    Schön, dass du so eine tolle zeit hattest - und dank der Bilder jetzt auch tolle Erinnerungen :)

  4. Vielen, vielen Dank für deine lieben Worte! Ja, ich hatte einen wunderbaren Sommer und du sicherlich auch. Man muss schließlich nicht ständig unterwegs sein und etwas besonderes machen, um eine schöne Zeit zu haben. :)

  5. schöner Post! Würde mich freuen, wenn du mal vorbeischauen würdest. Alles Liebe Lessa


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