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Sunday, 30 August 2015

DAYS OF SUMMER 2015 {DAY 25 - 33}

DAY 25/44: Resting day. Caught up with YouTube and Pretty Little Liars (I'm not okay with that recent ending).

DAY 26/44: Drove to a town in Rugia with Cennet and Nordine where we ate ice cream and then drove back to my town where we strolled around.

DAY 27/44: Spent the day at the library? Check. Had to take pictures with my ipod because my camera would have been too loud in that quite building.

DAY 28/44: Day at the beach with Nordine and Cennet.

DAY 29/44: Weather was awful. I played video games with my brother, upgraded my laptop (I've got the feeling that it won't make it much longer) and read some books.

DAY 30/44: Plans were cancelled (again). Read another book (Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King / it's great and wonderfully sad) and packed for next week.

DAY 31/44: Drove to a film camp, got to know super nice people and enjoyed the day/evening/night with them.

DAY 32/44: Had my filming course (so much I haven't known!), half watched a movie with everyone (idk what exactly) and chose the script I wanted to implement.

DAY 33/44: A lot of planning, story board drawing and discussions about the short film (let my camera in my bag).

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