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Saturday, 22 August 2015

DAYS OF SUMMER 2015 {DAY 16 - 24}

DAY 16/44: Drove to my summer campus at the North Sea, barbecued and went to the beach at the evening with ma squad.

DAY 17/44: Began my course (about human rights) and drove to the beach again with all participants where we did a competition (my team lost).

DAY 18/44: Rainy day. Had course, drove to the commercial area with Cennet and Nordine where we bought ice cream, ran in the rain with Valeria, spent the evening at an event with 20er motto (where we won the photo competition).

DAY 19/44: Course, signed in for a discussion group (the human being and his actions), bought a friends book for Tara whose birthday was the next day, watched Cenk while he was playing guitar in the evening.

DAY 20/44: Discussed in our groups, planned and did a stage play to present our results (we got to the second place with it).

DAY 21/44: Had Course again and joined the poetry slam club, made music and began to compose/write a song with Nordine, started a water fight.

DAY 22/44: Happiest day with Nordine. Borrowed bikes, drove to the beach with them, went to the kite festival, wandered around and returned with the bus at the evening to walk on the beach at sunset.

DAY 23/44: Last time course, went out with Cennet and Nordine to drink milk/yogurt shakes, laid outside with Cenk talking, was the wingman for a friend, paaarty and a lot of dancing at the evening/night.

DAY 24/44: End of summer campus. Shared children champagne (that we've won because of the photo competition) with my winner group, said goodbye (forever), drove home and took a nap.


  1. schöne Fotos :)

  2. Hört sich nach einer spannenden und schönen Zeit an! Sieht auch so aus. ;)

  3. Tolle Bilder und echt schöne Eindrücke! Das hört sich nach einer tollen Woche an!

  4. wirklich tolle Bilder!


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