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Friday, 14 August 2015

DAYS OF SUMMER 2015 {DAY 08 - 15}

DAY 08/44: Cooked dinner for my siblings (it tasted better than it looked, lol), had a long telephone conversation with a friend, loaded my summer mixtape on my iPod, wrote the first letter to one of my new pen pals.

DAY 09/44: Spent the day in the garden drawing stuff and listening to music.

DAY 10/44: Actually wanted to do something with my brother but the weather wasn't the best, so I wrote a letter to another pen pal again, finished the first season of Supernatural and started Sense8.

DAY 11/44: Weather got worse, so had to stay at home again. A day full of nothings.

DAY 12/44: My friend got sick, so we cancelled our plans to get out of our towns. And I got sick of staying at home, so I waited for a thunderstorm break and went outside, walking and sitting around until the storm started again.

DAY 13/44: It was still raining, met Thi, visited a cafĂ©, went to the cinema to watch Paper Towns (which is a great movie, btw).

DAY 14/44: Because of the windy weather (what a surprise), the beach party was cancelled. So Paul and I spent the day at Thi's home where I broke my camera lens (just as my heart at that moment).

DAY 15/44: Went shopping with and for my brother downtown, watched The Silence of the Lambs, read a letter from a pen pal, tidied up my room, wrote my semester report and packing list for next week.


  1. Hey! Wollte nur mal fragen, wie du an die ganzen penpals kommst?! hast du dich da bei einer seite registriert? :)

    1. Hey! Also, eine hab ich durch meinen Blog und die anderen habe ich alle durch diesen Tumblr ( kennengelernt. Da brauchst du dich auch gar nicht registrieren, einfach deine Anzeige einsenden oder auf die Anzeige von jemandem antworten. Empfehle ich dir auf jedem Fall, ist eine sehr gut organisierte Seite mit viel Zulauf.


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