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Sunday, 26 July 2015

DAYS OF SUMMER 2015 {DAY 01 - 07}

DAY 01/44: Spent the day in Berlin with apartment tours with my sister, so she could move in this year. We were under pressure of time, we ran a lot because of that and we were lost in traffic and streets. Next time I'd need a map since my sister has a less sense of direction than me and was constantly messaging her friends to find the right way.

DAY 02/44: Had a resting day. Sunday morning, rain is falling - (steal some covers, share some skin). Slept in, wrote emails to future pen pals, watched some episodes of PLL, did quite nothing (what I haven't done in a while).

DAY 03/44: Made semolina porridge, read a book, bought overpriced makeup, planned out the next weeks and start checking my to do list. Feeling pretty good.

DAY 04/44: Drove to Rugia Island to the white chalk cliffs of the Caspar David Friedrich painting (some more pictures will come) and the national park with my friend Thi. Bought a sketchbook and wandered around in our town then.

DAY 05/44: I started to draw again. Maybe I'll get better, maybe not. I'm just enjoying it now to do things I used to do ages ago but forgot about it because of school, work and other duties. I stopped drawing when I got to eighth grade.

DAY 06/44: Went to the Maritime Museum (unintentionally) with Thi but couldn't take pictures of the paintings and models there since I had to pay the double for taking photos (which I found really unnecessary).

DAY 07/44: It was the birthday of my dad. Ate some cake, made some music, wrote some things.


  1. aw, ich mag diese art deine ferien festzuhalten, die kleinen dinge nicht zu vergessen und die unterschiedlich großen bilder haben es mir angetan, das ist mir noch nie so bewusst geworden, aber das sieht echt gut aus. also dann, ich wünsche dir noch einen wunderschönen tag, genieß die ferien und viel spaß beim zeichnen.
    Liebst, Carolin

  2. Deine ersten Ferientage wirken schon so cool und lustig, ich hab das Gefühl ich sitze nur Zuhause bei dem Wetter und vegetiere vor mich hin, haha. :D lots of love xx

    1. Ah Lea, du darfst dir das ja auch leisten - schließlich warst du ein ganzes Jahr unterwegs. Und da das meine letzten Sommerferien sind, muss ich sie ja ausnutzen. Sonst läge ich wahrscheinlich auch nur die ganze Zeit zu Hause rum, haha. x

  3. coole Art die Ferien festzuhalten, finde die Bilder echt schön, so einfach :)
    klingt als hättest du schon viel erlebt bis jetzt!

    schau doch mal vorbei :)


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