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Friday, 19 June 2015


20 THINGS I HAVE TO CHECK. Sleep outside [x]. Start reading again [x]. Go to any official event(s) [x]. Become fully satisfied with your appearance [x]. Start writing your story [failed]. Become used to care about how you're feeling [x]. Buy a sketchbook and start drawing again [x]. Dream lucid [failed]. Leave state [x]. Capture this summer in a video [x]. Do sports regularly [failed]. Write a poem or poetic text [x]. Go to the sea early in the morning [failed]. Find another (international) penpal [x]. Film a video to a song [failed]. Spend a day at the library [x]. Make at least one good friend [x]. Compose a piece of music or write a song [x]. Download new music to your iPod [x]. Enjoy your very last summer being a typical teen before graduation and actual life will hit you; make it a great one [x].

Just a little list for me, things I need to remember. What are you guys up to this summer? Btw, I am back at Twitter.

1 comment:

  1. Schöne Liste. Besonders den letzten Punkt finde ich toll.

    Ela von Schattenglanz


Dear whoever is reading this, everything is going to be alright.