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Thursday, 25 September 2014


To the days by the sea or by the lake where the sun was shining and everything felt like infinity. To the spontaneous and not so spontaneous picnics. And to the people who didn't want to be photographed.

To the cities I visited to just visiting, because I couldn't travel this year. And to my dear friend who always came with me (you know, it's you if you read this - you took this photo with my camera, I guess at least).

To the streets I've never been in my own town and to the bruises I got there because of my bad longboarding skills (hi to my other lovely friend on the picture).

To the bright, warm and short nights where I couldn't sleep, so I opened my window and listened to music while I was just lying in bed. And to the blue sky and the moon at 4am then.

To the loveliest people I met again and to the wonderful people I got to know. To all the blurred pictures with them, because of all the laughters. And to all the conversations about old times, considering the farewells that will come in the next year(s) - to all the plans we got for the last year together.

To all the evenings with my parents in the garden. And to all the barbecues, to all the sunsets then and to all the calm and overjoyed moments there. To the last summer sun rays for this year.

And hello to autumn.


  1. Hamburg ist immer ne Reise wert :)

  2. die idee von dem post ist toll, ebenso wie die bilder! ich möchte mich am liebsten immer noch nicht vom sommer verabschieden :/

    Liebe Grüße,
    Bea von

  3. das dritte bild liebe ich!
    und ich hoffe, dass du einen wunderbaren herbst erleben wirst/erlebst!

  4. Die Bilder sind alle wirklich richtig klasse! :)

    Liebe Grüße

  5. ohh danke für deinen komentar, hat mir echt gefreut weil ich deinen blog so sehr liebe:)
    richtig schöne bilder wieder!

  6. liebe die Stimmung und die Farben in deinen Bildern! wirklich suuuper schön :)

  7. Danke! :) Haha, ja sowas hatte ich schon befürchtet. Habe jetzt kurz noch ein paar Worte dazu unter den Post geschrieben, dann wird der Text ja in der Dashboardvorschau mit angezeigt :D Bist du schon mit der Maus über den Posttitel gefahren? Darauf bin ich besonders stolz :D

  8. hi! i was in germany a few months ago but was unsure if you're in berlin - could have totally met up and done a mini photo walk! =)


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