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Sunday, 3 August 2014


Brabbel-Post, weil momentan alles super ist und ich nicht viel mehr als das dazu sagen kann. Ich mag diese Sommertage. Sehr sogar. Obwohl ich immer so viel und immer alles gleichzeitig machen will. Und die Hälfte meiner Ferien ist jetzt auch schon rum. Aber das ist okay. Sogar die Hitze macht mir nichts aus. Dank jemandem habe ich sogar wieder angefangen zu schreiben nachdem der letzte Versuch wortwörtlich ins Jenseits befördert wurde. Morgen habe ich meine Theorieprüfung für meine Fahrerlaubnis und ich habe Angst davor. Und ihr seid eingeladen, diesen Post zu missbrauchen, um mir zu schreiben, was zurzeit in eurem Leben los ist. Wahrscheinlich sind die meisten irgendwo außerhalb Deutschlands, erzählt mal davon.

Gabbling post, because everything is great currently and I can't say much more than this. I like these summer days. Very much. Although I always want to do too much and everything at the same time. And half of my vacation is over already. But that's okay. Even the heat doesn't bother me. Because of someone I even started to write again. Tomorrow is my theory test for my driver license and I'm afraid. And you guys are invited to abuse this post to write me what is currently going on in your life. Probably the most of you are somewhere abroad, tell me something.


  1. das sind doch immer die entspanntesten posts:) den song liebe ich auch so♥
    ich bin in deutschland und cruise mit der db ein wenig umher:D

    1. Würd ich auch gerne viel öfter, wenn die Tickets nicht so verdammt teuer wären. ._.

  2. Hey, hope you enjoy your holydays :) I´m just like you working on my drivers license. And trying to do as many beutifull things as possible, everything at the same time. I´m having wonderful days with awesome people and really enjoying it. Have you ever tried swimming in a lake wearing your normal clothes? My friend and I have just put it on our To-Do-list when suddenly we found ourselves in the water, swimming arround a little beautiful island in the middle of the lake we spent our holydays at :) these are such amazing moments and I allways want to take a photo to never forget, but sometimes it´s impossible and I hope I´ll remember anyway.
    I´m not going to leave Germany this summer, but I don´t mind, as there are beautiful places arround here and I´ve got lot´s of plans for wonderful summer days :)
    Good luck for your test and have an amazing summer :)

    1. No, I haven't tried it yet, but I don't really like swimming either, but it sounds kinda fun tho. It's quite cool that you guys have a to-do list for yourselves - I had this with a friend years ago, but we didn't get to finish it since we're not that friends anymore. I'm not gonna go abroad as well this vacation, but it's okay - I probably need this break for the school (travelling is quite exhausting, it is for me at least). So I'm more excited about next year since I've got some plans. Yeah, I actually passed the test, but thank you and I have. Hope you too.

    2. Well, it´s not a real To-Do-list since we had just started it - with two points on it - when we did the first, which really was great fun, and, when I think of your 100 happy days- project, it was a happy moment I couldn´t capture by taking a photo. I´m not shure wether we´ll add some points :D But I´ve got another list with another friend of mine, which we probably won´t finish either :D Yeah, we´re not the most consequent...
      Yeah, I agree that travelling is exhausting and breaks are really important...

    3. I hope you'll going on with the lists, sounds amazing and like memorable experiences to laugh about in the future! School started now and I miss the break, haha.


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