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Sunday, 20 July 2014


Das schlimmste ist nicht, dass deine engsten Freunde am anderen Ende deiner oder in einer ganz anderen Stadt leben oder gar in einem anderen Land. Das schlimmste ist nicht mal, dass soziale Netzwerke und die Post den Kontakt aufrechterhalten müssen und du eine gefühlte Ewigkeit brauchst, um zurückzuschreiben, weil du alles nicht auf die Reihe bekommst. Das schlimmste ist, wenn du sie brauchst und du weißt, es wird kein Ich bin in zehn Minuten bei dir zurück kommen. Du wirst kein Ich komm gleich vorbei geben können. Und das allerschlimmste ist, wenn du After school you realize you were only friends with some people because you saw them five times a week. liest und genau weißt, dass es so sein wird.

The worst part is not that your closest friends live in a different city or even in another country. Not that your best friend lives on the other side of the town. The worst part is not even that social networks and the post office have to maintain contact and you need an eternity to write back because you don't get everything done. The worst is when you need them and you know, it is not I'm coming back to you in ten minutes. You will not I come over right now can give, because you know, that little or no budget means more time to finish. And the worst is when you realize you After school you were only friends with somepeople Because You saw them five times a week. reads and just know that it will be so.


  1. I guess you´re absolutely right and I´m really afraid of this. Although I´ll go to school for two further years, I´m already afraid of finding out which friends will stay. Whom I´ll carry on meeting and who´ll become kind of starngers, like most of my elemetary school friends have become. I´m afraid of us all leaving to different cities for studying, starting different lives. But most important is that we never forget the awsome moments we had, all the fun and pain and laughs and hugs. Taking lot´s of photos can help.
    And if you really like somebody, it hurts that you can´t allways see one another, but it´s okay to no they´re there anyway, not the same place, but thinking of you.

    1. Yeah, I agree, but the thing is that I think I am only friends with most of the people in my class, because I see them five days a week, you know? I don't think that these friendships would hold longer if we're not seeing each other that often anymore. Tbh, I just don't know anything about my future, so we have to wait, I guess.

  2. ist alles okay bei dir? <3

  3. stimm dir zu und davor hab ich auch angst. aber man schafft das wohl irgendwie. :)


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