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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

100HAPPYDAYS {DAY 008 - 018}

DAY 008 (l.): Tea & "Deutscher Webvideopreis 2014" | DAY 009 (r.): "Faust" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

DAY 010: Tomorrow's my friend's birthday and I promised her that I would bake her some muffins.

DAY 011 (l.): {You cute little butt haha, thank you. I hope so. Life's amazing if you let it be ♥} Today wasn't a good one, really not, but he cheered me up with this message. | DAY 012 (r.): I'm snuggled in blankets and do nothing, because I'm so tired and exhausted and guys? I really don't wanna leave my bed anymore.

DAY 013: Practice playing the guitar (or something).

DAY 014: A little of hanging around in my bed, a little of reading, a little of wanderlust.

DAY 015: I spent my day in Berlin (Germany).

DAY 016: Filmed the first part of a video for French class with some classmates today and the first scene was in bed and it took really long to be done.

DAY 017: How pretty she looks and then there's me, lol. | DAY 018: Just went to sleep after school and woke up at 1am.


  1. Honey you were in Berlin and didn't tell me :( You're precious as well, thanks for the great comment!

  2. ah alright i'm really looking forward to meet you. I'll show lovely places if you want to :)


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