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Sunday, 18 May 2014


A weird feeling is when you meet someone you once fell in love with and you recognize that things went different than you expected at the time. I don't know what I felt - sadness or happiness, maybe something in between. I was thinking about how this person was one of my most important human beings and how this changed so quickly. I was thinking about how we used to hugging each other long, chatting during the night until morning, sleeping next to each other in a blanket, discussing about books we've read. But this is life, I guess. You meet people and maybe someday they will be gone and then you will meet new people. And he looked into my eyes like he saw into my soul as he used to and I was smiling at him, going to hug him and then leaving. Life happens while you're making all the plans, while you're trying to understand - life's gonna happen to you anyway, if you like it or not. Keep your memories in you, but don't forget that you're still making them.


  1. Der Text und die Bilder sind sehr toll und passen gut zusammen!

  2. Toller Post! Der Text spricht mir aus der Seele :)

  3. Das erste Foto ist richtig toll, doch gleichzeitig denke ich "ahhh, das Objektiv und der Sand!".
    Und das Lied ist auch genial. Und dein Schreibstil sowieso! ;)

  4. wundervoller text, ehrlich, richtig schön und einfach wahr.

  5. super schön - kann den anderen nur zustimmen, sowohl bei Text, als auch bei den Bildern(:


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