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Monday, 7 April 2014


English is such a lovely language and I just want to, so sorry for all German speakers who are annoyed now. On Saturday, I was in Schwerin and spent the day with four cool and funny boys I got to know and who showed me the city. Although it wasn't expected, it was such a great day. We've only hung out a little talking about things we like - mostly music, movies and games (ok, on this topic I've just listened). I was greeted with the question whether I play an instrument and that made them more sympathic than they were anyway (plus: they love rain as I do). When I had to say goodbye to them then, I missed my train and had to wait two hours for the next, so one of these guys went to the castle of Schwerin with me, so I didn't have to wait at the station alone. It was really cool, because he told me so many things I didn't know! Well, the day was quite amazing actually and I'm looking forward to meet two of these guys in a few months again, because they made me smile with my heart (and the heart never lies).


  1. So wunderschöne Fotos!!
    LG Thi

  2. Tolle Fotos! :)

    Liebe Grüße Amy

  3. Wow... echt schöne Bilder! Ich sollte auch mal nach Schwerin. :)

  4. Wow, das Schloss sieht unglaublich aus!


  5. I'm so thankful for your long comment and I also write a lot in english becaue I love the language. Mistakes are important if we didn't do any we'd never learn anything (Or something like that!) That's the problem with the you'll die anyway thing. Some people interpret it like your classmate, they think nothing matters and everything is senseless because we'll die anyway. But I think it's better to interpret it like stop caring so much about what other people think is the right lifestyle, it's your lifestyle and your life so use it and make it amazing. Because life is a gift and and and. When I read the quote that said do more of what makes you happy I felt so empty, I didn't knew what made me happy because it's everything. Even the bad things in life make me happy because they show me that I'm alive. And playing guitar on the balcony showed me how perfect my life can be if I let it be perfect. It's our decision, everything we do! The ocean is the best escape but there is no ocean in Berlin :( But breathing and being is a great escape as well! Don't ecuse yourself for writing so much, it's beautiful to talk or read something of strangers, even though you're no real stranger anymore. It's one of the best compliments if someone tells me they like my music taste, thank you so so much! Hope you enjoy everything and smile enough!

  6. And by the way, I adore your blog design!

  7. Dankeschön! ich finds bemerkenswert das du auf Englisch bloggst, aber du kommst aus Deutschland oder? :)

    1. Ich wohn in Deutschland, danke ebenfalls. :)


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