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Monday, 30 April 2012


I was going through my old blog entries and I recognized that all my pictures have been deleted, so the posts don't have a proper sense anymore. That's the reason why I want to transform one of them to an entry for you (surprise surprise). Unfortunately, all my old pictures are gone since my hard disk broke, so thanks to DVDs and the internet for saving some of them. I hope you didn't expect something very special (otherwise: sorry, but this will make you smile hopefully or cry lol).

I don't know where you are exactly, but I've written to you that you should open the page when you're homesick (I think so at the very least), so the first thing you should do is to drink some tea (I hope your host family have some, but they should), open your window and listen to music (like the song above, but you can listen to whatever you want).

Okay then, let's just getting started. I could remind you of many, many things since we were in one class together. And at the same time I'm not able to tell everything. We have to admit that we weren't that close in the last years. I guess, it's because of the different ways we decided to go. And now you're in the US and I'm still in Germany. Kinda weird to be honest. But I think this is how the life works.

I want to tell you something though (or more than something actually, but this isn't writable). Don't forget that there are many, many people who support you and love you for whoever you are. You can still count on me when everything seems to break down. And a year goes by faster than you think. You'll meet new people on whom you can count as well. Try to hold them. Try to hold everything what makes you happy.

Do you remember all the arguments you guys had? I don't know what will happen aftter your year abroad, but I really hope that you're still friends with all of these girls even though you're not able to meet them now as you used to. It's quite sad that everything changed, but this also means a lot more new things and beginnings, right?

All I also have to to say is that I left the comment section below to you, so you can tell me whatever you want. Every thought, idea, concern, anxiety, problem, experience, person, food, [...] you want to tell me about. I'll answer then there as well. You can also send me an email or a letter every time you want. I'll tell you about the life here in Germany, about our class and how everything is if you want to. It's like a pen pal page, hehe. I hope everything's fine and you're alright. Much love, lovely. ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Hey, I just opened the little letter now, 8 days before my flight home, not because I'm homesick, but because whatever it was I had to see it, because somehow I knew that you put some effort in it, and that it was worth seing it, no matter how I feel. So all I can say is thank you so much! I know we haven't been close the last year, but I really wish that could change,because honestly, some of my good friends wouldn't even do such a thing like you did here. You are wonderful and have such a lovely character. Stay true to yourself! I hope we can build up our friendship again. Lots of love, Lea xxx

    1. Lea. It's even better when you're not homesick (and anyway, you'll come back so soon).
      I'm really glad you like it. I hope so too. Especially because we know each other since primary school. ♥


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